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00:09:30 – Given a negative binomial distribution find the probability, expectation, and variance (Example #1) 00:18:45 – Find the probability of winning 4 times in X number of games (Example #2) 00:28:36 – Find the probability for the negative binomial (Examples #3-4) 00:36:08 – Find the probability of failure (Example #5). Basic Probabilities Excel Calculator. Students often are given questions that require them to find basic and conditional probabilities for a 2×2 matrix such as this problem: You can work this problem using StatCrunch using the Stat>Tables>Contingency path, but some students get confused by the cluttered output. I have developed an Excel. If using a calculator, you can enter λ = 5.9 λ = 5.9 and x = 7 x = 7 into a poisson probability distribution function (PDF). If doing this by hand, apply the poisson probability formula: P (x) = e−λ ⋅ λx x! P ( x) = e − λ ⋅ λ x x! where x x is the number of occurrences, λ λ is the mean number of occurrences, and e e is the.