Oct 18, 2021 · And to convert back from Json string to Java object is also simple: Property returnedProperty = objectMapper.readValue (value, Property.class); System.out.println ("Returned property: " + returnedProperty); There are more functionality of the Jackson object mapper class and you can find more details here. And you can check out the example code .... "/>
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This example shows how to use JACKSON API to convert a Java object into a JSON String. We can use the ObjectMapper class provided by the Jackson API for our conversion. Serialization: writeValueAsString() is used to convert java object to JSON. Aug 01, 2019 · To convert an InputStream Object int to a String using this method. Instantiate the Scanner class by passing your InputStream object as parameter. Read each line from this Scanner using the nextLine () method and append it to a StringBuffer object. Finally convert the StringBuffer to String using the toString () method..